After a car is delivered we ask our customers to fill-out a short survey; the final question is this: "If You Managed Autocraft: If you were the owner/operator of Autocraft would you do anything different? What would you do different in the way of marketing, management, money, etc." Here are some responses...

Perhaps more advertising. I learned of it through friends.

Terry Riegel

Everything was done professionally. I was unaware of your expertise in doing body work. Your shop was recommended to me by word of mouth.

Shirley A. English

Introduce the mechanic who did the repair to the customer at time of pick up (if he is at work, of course). A nice touch-not always appropriate- low key. Good for morale and encourages a bit of discourse which may have pay-off in appreciating the craftmanship involved.


I'd reverse the options in second question; 10 should be first.

Marv Needles

Continue with the great customer service. One idea would be if a customer brings in their car for repairs particularly for insurance paid repairs. You may want to offer a special discount to repair other incidental damages that are not covered under insurance. I bet a majority of customers would take you up on it if the price was right...

Randy Nelz

Keep up professing the Christian faith; I truly love it! God bless America!
I still have an issue with my 1950 Studebaker's inside door handle; can it be repaired? When I received my car back I didn't get any feedback regarding this problem.

Chuck Niemier

I would make sure there were procedures in place where each step of the repair/repaint process is checked by the technician performing the work and one other person.

In our case, multiple things went wrong. We took our 2008 Honda Odyssey Touring in to have the front bumper repaired (the right side-the bumper, bumper cover, and parking sensors were damaged in a minor mishap in a driveway) and the tailgate repainted (deep scratches). When we got the vehicle back: (1) there was a crease in the right side bumper cover, and (2) nicks on the left side bumper seam; the tailgate badges (3) "HONDA" and (4) "TOURING" were not replaced in the original locations; (5) there was overspray all over the rear bumper cover; (6) and the interior plastic panel of the tailgate was cracked. The only conclusion we could draw was that the technician/s who performed the work did not do so conscientiously and did not check their work; nor did anyone else.

There were two shining stars through all of this. The first was Frank. Obviously, we had to take the vehicle back to him and point out the problems. He was very courteous and patiently documented each issue and found a solution. Also, and this is very important, he did not make us feel bad about taking the car back.

The second shining star was the owner, Ernie Bordon, because he approved every remedy. In fact, I distinctly remember Frank mentioning that he did not know of any situation in which Mr. Bordon did not do the right thing to satisfy the customer. That made me feel good about your organization.

So, we finally got our vehicle back in better shape than it was before, but it took a while.

That's okay. You guys did the right thing. I understand that our situation was not the norm.

Timothy Howard

2110 23rd Street SW

Naples, FL 34117


PS: Washing the vehicle the other day, I found about a palm-sized area of overspray (the same that was on our rear bumper) on our right rear fender that I hadn't noticed before. I'm going to try to get it out with some rubbing compound.

Timothy Howard

I wouldn't change a thing...very personable, professional staff..quality work on our car...also thanks for referral to have our convertible top replaced in Naples

Bob McArdle

We have no complaints and have always been pleased with the job you do.

Richard Kaelin

I believe that autocraft is the best vehicle repair facility in the Collier County area. I would not change anything.....

Timothy Pinter

Would not change a thing, great service, friendly staff. Great experience!! thanks Ernie keep Christ 1st always, it shows!

Joel Doering

I had just a brief experience, don't have any suggestions. I found the employees helpful. My car was worked in as soon as possible. The only thing -- I am hoping that he can find the driver side mirror that will be adjustable. The car is a 1996, and I understand it may be hard to find, but I'd appreciate it if one can be found, even if in the future. When I had my very old Toyota years ago, I became very familiar with car junk yards! Have a great summer, Christina T.

Christina Tomasic


Your rights under Florida State Law are as follows:

This is your vehicle and no insurance company or independent adjustment company can tell you where to fix your car! It's your car, whether leased or owned, and should be repaired at a shop of YOUR choice. Sometimes your insurance company will suggest a shop or list shops that they endorse. This is only a suggestion and the ultimate choice is yours and only yours. Remember this is your car, and you have to live with the repair and the repair shops quality. Pick a shop based on their warranty and customer service. Here at Autocraft, we offer a Life Time Warranty and have been in business in Collier County for over 24 years. Remember, THE CHOICE IS YOURS!! Watch Video