Labor and Workmanship is Warrantied

Labor and Workmanship is Warrantied

Our labor and workmanship is warrantied. As long as you own the car we warranty and stand behind everything that we do.

You guys are great, everyone I interacted with was knowledgeable and courteous. Great job on my 500 SL and I would recommend you to anyone looking for a top notch organization. Good marketing move sending out the thank you letter. Customers like to know they are appreciated.

The manufacturers and companies where we purchase your parts from often only have warranties of twelve months or two years, but our labor, our workmanship, the materials we use, the way it looks today, the way it looks six months from now, and the way it looks six years from now is warrantied. As long as you own your vehicle all of our workmanship is guarantied for life.

Your rights under Florida State Law are as follows:

This is your vehicle and no insurance company or independent adjustment company can tell you where to fix your car! It's your car, whether leased or owned, and should be repaired at a shop of YOUR choice. Sometimes your insurance company will suggest a shop or list shops that they endorse. This is only a suggestion and the ultimate choice is yours and only yours. Remember this is your car, and you have to live with the repair and the repair shops quality. Pick a shop based on their warranty and customer service. Here at Autocraft, we offer a Life Time Warranty and have been in business in Collier County for over 24 years. Remember, THE CHOICE IS YOURS!! Watch Video