Over 25 Years of Collision Repair in Collier County

Over 25 Years of Collision Repair in Collier County

Autocraft has been in business since 1985 as a collision repair shop serving Marco Island, Naples and the surrounding areas providing quality collision repairs.

In the early 90s the collision repair business became multi-dimensional in that the customer changed. It was not only the vehicle owner, but was also the insurance company and the referring party. Each needing to be served individually. It challenged us at Autocraft to be a full service facilitator.

When we call this Autocraft, that means we know our business. We do our craft to make the cars look good. It's like being on a race car team. Ernie owns the car, and we're all trying to win that race on Sunday, so you have to work all week, and give it your all-your-all to get that car to win on Sunday - that's about it. - Bob Morris (10+ Years with Autocraft - Automotive Painter)

Working with and for the customer, insurance company and the agents. We have gained many major insurance contracts and can simplify the process of having a vehicle repaired following an accident or a comprehensive (Fire, theft or vandalism) claim.

We feel that the concerns of each customer are simple. The owner wants their vehicle returned to the condition it was in before the accident. They want it done in a reasonable time frame, limiting their inconvenience. The insurance company wants a cost effective efficient repair with no come backs. The referring party wants the vehicle owner and the insurance company completely satisfied when the entire process is completed.

Some of the less shy Autocraft Staff

Your rights under Florida State Law are as follows:

This is your vehicle and no insurance company or independent adjustment company can tell you where to fix your car! It's your car, whether leased or owned, and should be repaired at a shop of YOUR choice. Sometimes your insurance company will suggest a shop or list shops that they endorse. This is only a suggestion and the ultimate choice is yours and only yours. Remember this is your car, and you have to live with the repair and the repair shops quality. Pick a shop based on their warranty and customer service. Here at Autocraft, we offer a Life Time Warranty and have been in business in Collier County for over 24 years. Remember, THE CHOICE IS YOURS!! Watch Video